10 female fitness facts you may not know… 

1. You can lose weight without going anywhere near the gym or without doing any exercise at all.  

2. There is no “right way” to exercise.

3. Females fail to realise that building muscle in their shoulders and upper back will make their waist look smaller, (a goal many girls have).

4. You could lose weight through consuming only MacDonalds and chocolate. 

5. You don’t have to any specific exercise. Eg, if you don’t like squats then you don’t have to do them (although performing a variation of the exercise would be very beneficial).  

6. Although I am a guy, I love “glute” training, and enjoy helping ladies shape that tooshy 🍑 

7. Hip thrusts are the king of booty builders.

8. Similar to no 3, increasing muscle in your glutes will help you create the effect of a smaller waist 🍑 

9. Focussing less on your body changing, and more on lifting more/performing better can really help people change their bodies (without focussing on it).

10. Running or doing classes won’t help you “tone up”..it’s like training for golf in preparation for a swimming race 🤷‍♀️ 

11. Most people fail to get results, not because what their doing wasn’t working, but simply because they weren’t patient enough with it.

The fact I put 11 facts in there when I said it was 10 really annoyed you, didn’t it? 🤣

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