Fat loss and saving money.

Fat loss and saving money are more similar than you would think.

I remember trying to save money to buy a house…

 Every month I would put away a certain amount, and it could get quite annoying if I’m honest. I knew I was “saving”, but the saving wasn’t really showing much apart from the numbers in my bank account increasing all too slowly 😅 

Fiona and I would decide to eat in a cheaper restaurant to save a few spondulas here and there 💵.  
We might decide to pre-drink in the house before heading out to save a few $. 
We would skip a meal out every second week because we knew it would help us spend less £. 

The thing is, throughout the whole process, we knew that by doing these things, it would take us towards our long term goal. No matter how frustrating it could be, and how little it might seem we were progressing….we had that end goal in mind.  And we knew by putting that little bit away each day, each week, and each month, that little by little we were moving the needle that little bit closer towards our end goal. 

We didn’t expect to save for a month and to be able to go out and buy the house we wanted.  It took time to save.  It took time to progress. It took time to move towards where we wanted to be.  But we stayed patient and trusted the process. 

You do all this to buy a house…. so use the same concept with changing your body. 

Deciding to save those extra calories might not seem like much as a one-off. But when you do it over time, repeatedly, I promise, it will. These things you know you need to do daily, weekly, monthly, do them. It may seem like you aren’t getting anywhere, but if you do the work, and trust the process, you’ll be moving towards that end goal. 

Fat loss and saving money are more similar than they first seem.

Be patient, play the long term game, and you’ll see results.

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