Your menstrual cycle will make fat loss as a female, harder. I won’t lie. But with the help of this podcast, you’ll be able to negotiate it and ensure you can still make great progress!

If your a female looking to lose fat, you NEED to read (and listen) to this.

If you a male, your girlfriend (or future girlfriend) WANTS you to read (and listen) to this 😂

How people used to think I was gay at school 👀

Why I now focus on coaching females 💁‍♀️

.Fiona getting annoyed at me for fidgeting during films 👀

Oh, and how the menstrual cycle may affect your progress of course 😂 

If your a female, you NEED to listen to this podcast. If your a male, your girlfriend WANTS you to listen to this podcast 😂 It’s filled with lots of handy takeaways, so please have a listen. I think this one will be a popular one 🥳 

If you enjoyed it and found any benefit out of it, please give it a share. The more people it reaches the better 🙌

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Or, here’s some free stuff and some client transformations…

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