How to lose weight.

“How to lose weight” is a good question. But, I try and get people thinking differently.

You have one pound to lose. 
A stone = 14lbs. That seems like a big number. How do you go about trying to lose a stone? Well, do you think you know how to lose 1 pound?

 I’m sure you do. 
Walk the dog a little further. Eat a few fewer crisps/chocolate/biscuits. Add in a little gentle exercise. 
So, start with that. One week down = 1lb down. You’re feeling good.

Week 2.
You’re already feeling more positive. You walk the dog slightly further and eat slightly better again. Hells bells, you’ve lost another pound.  That’s you down 2lbs and so far you haven’t really changed anything.  You’ve just more aware of what you’re putting in your mouth, and made your dog happy by giving it a bigger walk.  

Week 3 = you add a gym session in. 
This means extra energy expended = another 1lb gone. Repeat this process for however long you need.
Think critically. 

Didn’t move and exercise as much? It’s likely you don’t need as much food (calories). 

Fat loss isn’t complicated. 

It can be hard. But it’s not complicated. 

You got a goal to lose a stone?

Lose a pound. 

And repeat.  

Focussing on these small wins will take you further than you think.

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