Progress beats perfection

Progress beats perfection, but when I first started out as a PT, I used to try and get every client I took on to be perfect… 

I would look at them strange if they went over their calories. 

I would doubt them if they didn’t get their steps in. 

I would kick them in the shins if they missed a training session 😂 

What i’ve realised over time though, is that progress beats perfection. 

It’s all too easy to get caught up on being perfect when really the focus should be on progression. Improving. As soon as we start focussing on improving, we start to see the “small wins” much more clearly. 

Rather than thinking that you have “only done 3 workouts this week”, you think “I’m now training 3 times a week when before I wasn’t doing anything”. 

That “bad days dieting” becomes “that’s okay, I just need to get back on track”. 

That “I only got 8,000 steps yesterday” becomes “I’ll go out for an extra hour walk at the weekend to make up for it”. 

As soon as I stopped focussing on trying to get my clients to be perfect and focussed on them progressing… their success went through the roof.  Even with a kick to the shin 👀 

Right now, I could help you find your own progressions… I can help you see where you’re doing well, but also where you could do better. 

And since we will be doing this online,  your shins are safe. My only worry is you’ll have to buy some new clothes 👀 

www.finlaycarmichaelpt.com/services – click here to get started

Or, here’s some free stuff and some client transformations…

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