Short term sacrifice = long term happiness

In order to make long term happiness, more often that not it takes some short term sacrifice.

My dad always used to use a saying that made me really annoyed (and still does tbh) 😂 Every time I would go out and drink, I would be hungover. When i’m hungover i’m useless…i’m a bit like having a toddler around, I just get in the way and don’t really do much 😂 Every time he would say something and it would really annoy me (he knew it annoyed me and I think thats why he said it)… 

“Short time happy, long time sad” .

As annoying as it was, it was very true. I had a good few hours while I was drinking, but the next day (or 16) was always a struggle.  

I had a bath last night after a mindset course I’m doing and was doing some deep thinking, and it made me think… Its the same for many things. Alcohol. Drugs. Work. Food. Fitness. Health. A lot of the time we pick the option that gives up happiness in the moment, but really we are sacrificing our long term happiness to achieve the short term high. 

You drink alcohol to change how you feel for a short period of time, but long term it makes you feel worse. 

You eat that meal to get a quick high, but weight gain leads you to feeling un-happier. 

You work at a job you hate but pays the bills, leaving you feeling like you hate your life and wish you could have it differently. 

You skip the gym session but this leaves you feeling un-motivated, and behind where you could have been. 

Sometimes we might not want to do the work (maybe a lot of the time 😂).  But almost all of the time, the short term sacrifice will lead to long term happiness. 

Start changing your “short time happy, long time sad” to “short time sad, long time happy” and you’ll start to see things a whole lot differently. 

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