TOP 10 ab exercises

The top 10 ab exercises ARE…..¬†

Sorry for the clickbait….this doesn’t exist ūü§™¬†

But I got you to open this, right? 

Unfortunately, you can do 1,000,000 sit-ups a day, but this doesn’t mean you’ll see your “abs”.¬†Because they are covered in a layer of fat.¬†And until you¬†reduce this fatty layer, you won’t see them.¬†

What you need to focus on is…¬†Eating fewer calories.¬†And/Or…¬†Moving more.¬†

So here are 10 tips…¬†
1. Walk on your lunch break. 
2. Swap full-fat milk for coconut/almond/soy milk (or even any other lower fat version)
3. Drink a litre of water between meals.
4. Find an active hobby.
5. Walk to work.
6. Swap your cooking oil for a low-calorie spray.
7. Use a smaller plate.
8. Eat a fist-sized portion of protein at each meal.
9. Increase your vegetable intake.
10. Stop eating a week’s worth of calories over the weekend.¬†Start with one of these.

Unfortunately, there are no “Top 10 Ab Exercises”. Really, you need to be patient, focus on improving your diet, and stay consistent.

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