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A lot of people have a set weight loss goal. “My goal is that in 6 weeks I want to weigh 10lbs less than I do now”. Thing is, setting a goal based on weighing a certain amount isn’t a great goal. Why?

It’s not within your control. You do all the right things in week 1, you’ve eaten well, got your steps in, trained hard, and everything is going well.

Yet you jump on the scales… and you haven’t lost any weight. Even worse, you’ve put a little on. 

You feel like you’ve failed. You feel like that week whole has been a waste of time. You feel like you aren’t doing well enough. You feel like giving up. Why?  

Because you picked a goal you can’t control.

Why not make your goal something like…
–    hitting 10,000 steps every day 
–    tracking your calories every day 
–    hitting a protein goal 6/7 days 
– performing cardio 1-2 times per week
–    training 4 times a week 
–    drinking 2L of water a day. 

These are all things you CAN control.

And if they don’t happen, its simply because you didn’t make them happen. Don’t beat yourself up because your weight went up a little. Yes, over time, you will likely want your weight to be dropping. But week to week this will fluctuate. 

Stress/digestion/sodium intake/when your weighing/what your wearing/whether you’ve been to the toilet/hydration levels/whether you have trained recently (to name a few) will all play a role in your scale weight. 

A weight loss goal is okay, but having goals that result in weight loss might be a better idea.

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