Getting in shape and golf, what do they have in common?

Recently I have started playing golf. 

When I say playing, what I should really say is “swing and a miss” 🤣  To date, I have played 3 times. Out of the 3 times I have been and “played”, my averages probably look something like this… 

40 holes played.

6 shots per hole. 

2 lost balls per hole.

62 broken tees.

2 succesful pars. 

0 broken clubs. 

It would be very easy for me to compare myself to other people. I could look at Tiger Woods, or Rory McIlroy, or Colin Montgomery (mon the Scots 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🤣) and get frustrated at how bad I am right now. 

But my success doesn’t depend on how well they are doing or have done. It is dependant on me, and only me. 

For me, success in the golfing world right now means not losing as many balls and increasing the number of successful pars I make.  

This is progress, for me. 

Someone who has played the game for a good while may be disappointed with how they have played.  But for me, i’m making progress. In fact, right now, simply turning up and not being put off by a bad round is success for me. 

For you in the health and fitness world, success may mean getting in 3 workouts a week. 

It may mean getting in 6 workouts a week. 

It might be eating more protein.  

It might be eating foods and not feeling guilty. 

It might be hiring a coach and seeing results. 

Whatever it is, it’ll look different to someone else. So stop looking at other people and gauging your “success” on them…and start looking in the mirror. 

You do you, mon amis 🙃

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